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Tournament Winner
By Vansibel
Published: May 30, 2007
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The second Heavenly Spirits tournament winner have been decided...

    Well, it look like the tourney is over, and it also look like this old man can still throw a punch in samurai shodown 5 special. At first I didn't planned to enter the tourney cause I knew I wouldn't have the time to keep myself in shape in that game as far as competitive play is concerned. Then songpeng dragged me in the tourney and extented my active samsho lifespan for a few additionnal months. First I would like to thank him (Songpeng) for taking the time to set up this tourney and fire up some activity into this community. Thanks to m216xlegendx also for stepping up when Song couldn't manage the tourney anymore, and for agreeing to play the finals. Special thanks to everyone who entered this tourney and actually played their matches on schedule.

    I wish all of you guys would had been there a few years earlier, when I was really an active player and when samsho supremacy was a matter of life and death. I miss the beauty of a good old samsho fight between two eternal rivals, when you finger get hurt so much you played, and your head feel dizzy so much you have to think hard to even land a single hit because your opponent is also trying as hard. I feel sorry for not being more active on the board, especially since there is some interesting things going on lately. Alas, I can't enjoy my samsho if it's not played at it's best, and I don't have the luxury nor the interest anymore to dedicate so much time for it. I had my fun while enjoying samsho in a competitive minset, you guys had your chance to make the head of the "heavenly boss" roll ( like Songpeng would say ), but it look like I'll stay on the seat up there for a while. Instead I'll give the crown to the next generation who will be willing to fight with passion and determination util they reach the top. This whole thing, and the site, will always be a part of my story, and yours if you are reading this. I can still recall the rage, the urge to win, the satisfaction of a flawless fight, but also the deception of being beaten. Your hand shaking when when you see the name of your nemesis again, your blood boiling up to end some unfinished buisness. Yeah, after all, samsho been more than just a game.

Anyway, when I think back at it, a little snicker is enought for me not to regret it. Only a dedicated player can really see what those hard core gamers are actually enjoying by doing this. Best luck to old and new challengers, I hope you'll have a blast with samsho as much as I had. Over,


Download the final Here

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