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Samurai shodown tactical is a name I gave for a new samurai shodown game I have been developping for some time now. It is going to be a tactical RPG featuring several characters from the samurai shodown fighting game serie. It is gonna be available for PC and MAC for fan of the series, with no commercial intentions at all. Keep in mind I'm doing this in my spare time, so please refrain from emailing me about a release date. I'm gonna post progress in this page while the game is being developped.


Introducing the game
By Vansibel
Published: September 2, 2005
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Well, I finally decided to announce that I'm currently developping a new samurai shodown game. No, it isn't a fighting game, but for me it's a welcomed change of pace. I don't know why but each year I had this urge to play a tactical rpg, but since I had already played pretty much all the good one (beside those on next generation console, which I don't posess), I always ended up playing Tactic Ogre. Over time I grew bored of regular RPG because of the linear story and the lack of interactivity. This year, I said to myself : "hell, I'm gonna make my own Tactical RPG". And I decided give a try and put the Samurai Shodown characters into this new system. I'm working on the game for a while now but in my book, I usually don't talk about something unless I can show others something concrete. Last month I worked over it very intensively and I think it's advanced enought for me to release some kind of alpha demo. Personally, I wouldn't release anything (exept version destined to beta tester) unless the game approach the end of it's beta state, otherwise it would be just to show people that the game is real. For those whose been wondered, this game is not related in anyway with the homebrew samurai shodown rpg from Hedge Corp (samurai shodown: gate of the abandonned tought).

What's currently done:
-Three playable characters are currently in developpement
-The grouping system is complete and fonctionnal. It consist of 5 formation with each it's own leader. Each formation can contain up to 5 characters. There also a reserve for unused characters.
-The stats are complete but need balance adjustment
-The menu is complete but the interface need refinment
-The save fonction is complete
-The full screen option is complete
-The biggest acheivment so far is the battle system. It is near completion. It posess a zooming effect that focuse on which character can currently make an action (zooming effect can also be disabled for slow computer) and that add to the perspective effect on the battle. Unlike regular RPG, character can move (on 3 axes) in a battle and some attack have specific range. A rage bar get higher as the character is taking damage and when it's full, it's possible to perform special attack. Before it get full, it's also possible to sacrifice the current rage bar to gather Ki (like the blue bar in ss5, also get higher if the Hp is lower). If the bar get full while the Ki meter is at max, the character reache the "State of Mu" and is able to perform the strongest attack of the game.

Some of the other things to come:
-Netplay: I'm currently developping a netplay feature that gonna allow two player to battle against each other with their current characters over the net.
-Goodies: As the game progress, the player will be able to unlock artwork, video and music (possibly other stuff).
-A stolyline (meh)
-More characters, obviously
-Many, many other things...

Altought I have made considerable progress so far, there is still a lot to be done but developpement goes pretty steadily depending on how much time I can spend of it. I could release a demo tomorrow but I prefert to wait a little bit more since I will be on vacancy for the next month, so I'll have more time to spend on it for the week to come. Until that, feel free to take a look at the newly added screenshots.

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